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24 March 2009
DB82 has its own Twitter account now. If you are a Twitterer, add DB82 to your follow list. If enough of you do Twitter, we'll have a page on this site with everyone's tweets. If you haven't got a Twitter account, why not join up here?
9 March 2009
Apologies for the lack of site maintenance over the last year, and for the serious hack that affected the forum. I'm pleased to announce that a new, improved and much more secure forum is now up and running.

Nice to make contact with Andy Bean too this week - welcome to DB82, Andy.
16 January 2006
Three new 1979 class pictures today!

Thanks to Donna Hoare for the pics of Mssrs Smith and Baker's classes and to John Wells for Mrs Wardlow's class.

Anyone got any more pics?

As ever, I'm trying to get "names in the frames" for all of these, so if you can help fill in the blanks, let me know.
1 January 2006
Happy New Year!

Julie Parker has added the pictures she took at the 2005 reunion.
See Julie's pictures here. Thanks Julie!
19 December 2005
The Absent Friends section has been added today, to commemorate those of our school friends that are no longer with us. If any of the information is inaccurate, please

There have been a few queries about the line up of people in the 1982 group picture. A new page has been added to the pictures section, which will try to list everyone in the picture. Please take a look and try and crank up you memories that have lain dormant for all those years. Hopefully a similar page will be online soon for the 2005 reunion group picture.
12 December 2005
Phil Lambkin of the Miami Sounds Disco - which you saw and heard at the 2005 Reunion - is offering a whopping 20% discount for you DB82 folks. Thats a great offer, considering all those 40th birthday parties that need planning! Get in touch with Phil by emailing him at or by calling him on 01233 500781 or 07795 294200

The group picture of the 2005 Reunion is now online.

Fantastic response to the launch of the Forum - visit today and have your say.

Many thanks for all the messages of support regarding the launch of the site
10 December 2005
The DB82 Forum is up and running!
Just click on the Forum link, register (just so we know who you are) and off you go. Stay in touch!
9 December 2005
Nina Dalton has added the pictures she took at the 2005 reunion.
See Nina's pictures here. Thanks Nina!